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07th Feb 2022

Seven men arrested after ‘cult-linked castrations broadcast online’

Danny Jones

Seven arrested after cult-linked castrations

Warning: graphic detail may cause distress

The investigation is linked to the ‘nullo’ cult where men have intimate body parts removed

Seven men have been arrested after a series of “cult-linked castrations” were reportedly broadcast online.

A group of men were held in Finsbury Park, north London in December while police spent four days searching a home in the area, The Sun reported.

Amputations were allegedly carried out in a basement flat and broadcast on an online pay-per-view channel on the dark web. The website, which was promoted on Twitter, is said to have been taken down in March 2021.

The investigation is linked to the “Nullo” cult, a group in which men have intimate body parts removed on film in a process referred to as genital nullification.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they searched the property in “connection with an investigation into an allegation of grievous bodily harm” and a man in his 40s was arrested “in relation to this investigation [GBH] and is currently on bail”.

The spokesman said six other suspects, ranging in age from 30 to 60, were also arrested and released on bail.

The subculture is said to be inspired by asexual Japanese artist, Mao Sugiyama, who had his nipples, penis, and testicles surgically removed in Tokyo nine years ago when he was 23-years-old. He is nicknamed “the eunuch maker”.

Sugiyama is reported to have had his genitals cooked and served to guests at a dinner, supposedly seasoning them with salt and pepper and garnishing them with mushrooms and parsley. They were then served to guests who paid £160 each. More than 70 people are said to have turned up to the public event, according to Google Arts & Culture.

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