Scouse officially voted the UK's least sexy accent 1 month ago

Scouse officially voted the UK's least sexy accent

Sorry Scousers!

If you have ever wondered whether people swoon over your regional accent, then a new study might confirm that fantasy for you - or it could shatter your dreams.


A survey of 2,000 Brits gave us insight into what accents are considered the sexiest from across the UK. While Scottish has been ranked as the sexiest, Scouse has officially been named the least attractive accent.

The study - conducted by international dating app happn - showed that Scouse is the least appealing accent.

Cockney came in at second to last with six per cent despite having previously topped the charts.

Only five per cent of Brits enjoy a Birmingham accent - which is practically blasphemy as Jack Grealish could read bedtime stories, if you ask us.


Leeds (four per cent) and Essex (three per cent) fill the fourth and fifth least-attractive spot.

“There are so many qualities singles want in a prospective partner, and the way someone sounds is ranking high on that list," said Ipek Kucuk, relationship expert at happn.

"It’s clear that what is being said is vital, but the HOW seems to be a new essential factor."

They continued: “At happn, we are launching ‘happn voice’.

"Users can leave a voice-note on their own profile and listen to the voices of others. We want connections made online to be as true to life as possible, and hearing the way your crush sounds will achieve this.”


The sexiest accents according to Brits:

  1. Scottish - 21 per cent
  2. Georgie - 17 per cent
  3. Welsh - 16 per cent
  4. Northern Irish - 14 per cent
  5. Queen's English - 13 per cent

So it's a bad day to be Scouse - but luckily there is still a small percentage of Brit's who find you sexy. Should you not be able to find them though, you must start practicing your Scottish accent.


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