Scotland Yard handed more than 300 photographs of Downing Street parties 6 months ago

Scotland Yard handed more than 300 photographs of Downing Street parties

The Met were handed 'reams' of photographic evidence

Scotland Yard were handed more than 300 photographs as part of their investigation into Downing Street parties.


Met Commander Catherine Roper told The Telegraph "We had a bundle of material provided to us just Friday which is well over 500 pieces of paper, about a ream and a half, and over 300 photographs."

Roper said the Met were focusing on individual breaches of coronavirus legislation and individuals identified would be contacted over the coming days.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised in the house of commons but confirmed he would not be stepping down.


In a statement he said: "I want to say: sorry. Sorry for the things we simply did not get right and sorry for the way that this matter has been handled.

"It is no use saying that this or that was within the rules."

The prime minister said this is a moment "when we must look at ourselves in the mirror and we must learn", pledging the creation of a new office of the prime minister, with a permanent secretary to lead number 10 that would oversee a change to the day-to-day running of Downing Street and the cabinet office.

He added "I get it and I will fix it. And I want to say to the people of this country.


"I know what the issue is, it is whether this government can be trusted to deliver and I say yes we can be trusted, yes we can be trusted to deliver."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called on the prime minister to "do the decent thing and resign."

He said: "To govern this country is an honour. Not a birth-right. It’s an act of service to the British people. Not the keys to a court to parade to your friends.

"It requires honesty, integrity and moral authority."


The prime minister faced an onslaught of criticism in the house of commons on Monday afternoon.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May said Sue Gray's report showed No 10 “was not observing the regulations they had imposed on members of the public.”

She added: “so either my right honourable friend had not read the rules or didn’t understand what they meant and others around him, or they didn’t think the rules applied to Number 10. Which was it?”

Tory MP Aaron Bell accused the prime minister of taking him for a fool.

Recalling attending his grandmother's funeral in May 2020, he said: “Many people who loved her had to watch online. I didn’t hug my siblings. I didn’t hug my parents


"Does the prime minister think I’m a fool?”

Johnson replied: “No… I want to thank my honourable friend and I want to say how deeply I sympathise with him and his family for their loss.”

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