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06th Sep 2016

Sainsbury’s have made big changes to their meal deals and people are seriously pissed off

The supermarket have drastically reduced the amount of sandwiches in the range.

Carl Anka

Chicken triple. Beef Hula Hoops. Bottle of Coca Cola. Done.

But thanks to new rule changes from Sainsburys, our preferred Meal Deal Selection will be a thing of the past.

This week saw the supermarket make changes to their Meal Deal arrangement, and the shake up will have massive ramifications for people’s lunchtime options.

Previously, shoppers could pick up sandwich, snack and drink for £3. There was plenty of choice in your sarnies, a variety of snacks to enjoy and a lovely selection of beverages to choose from.

Truly the world was your oyster; shoppers were allowed to mix and match to their hearts content, making the sort of savings that would leave Scrooge McDuck misty eyed.

But amid a fierce Meal Deal rivalry with Tesco, Sainsburys have been forced to limit the number of sandwiches that qualify for the deal.

As reported in The Mirror and Liverpool Echo, only the most basic of sarnies have survived the sandwich cull. The likes of the American Triple have been ‘replaced’ by the tuna mayonnaise sandwich.

Needless to say, people are not happy with the development.

Sainsburys have since responded to the new change.

“We’ve invested in the quality of our salads, sushi and sandwiches, we’ve looked at every ingredient to make our range taste better, look fresher and give customers more choice, whether that’s gluten free or vegetarian lines, or adding new protein pots or porridge!

“We’re also including 14 new ambient snacking lines, all at 50p and under 150 calories each, tapping into the healthy snacking trend.

“There’s been significant quality investment with new lines and improved originals, we’ve changed the bread for all our sandwiches – it’s much softer and stays fresh for longer!

“We’ve sourced better quality ingredients that we know our customers love – more succulent chicken, maple cured bacon, crispier lettuce and more flavoursome tomatoes.

We are putting more of these delicious ingredients into the sandwich.”

All well and good, but now we have to pay £5 for a chicken triple, some crisps and a drink.

Sort it out yeah?

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