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24th Apr 2016

Sacha Baron Cohen has joined Britain’s rich list for the first time

Matt Tate

Iz it coz I iz well rich now?

Sacha Baron Cohen, creator of Ali G and Borat, has entered the league of Britain’s super-rich, proving that being a professional p*ss-taker is a very profitable career.

The 44-year-old actor, whose most recent movie Grimsby received some pretty damning reviews from critics, has a fortune of £104m with wife Isla Fisher, as revealed in the annual Sunday Times Rich List.

Also entering the rich list is Britain’s wealthiest sportsman, Lewis Hamilton. The F1 driver is worth an estimated £106m in 2016, and placed at 931st in the 1,000-strong list.


Wayne Rooney’s £82m fortune makes him the richest sportsman in the country aged 30 or under, and Adele’s £35m worth in 2015 more than doubled to £85m this year, which means she’s the richest female musician.

Richard Branson has just slipped into the top 20, with the Virgin owner’s estimated £4.92bn worth earning him 19th place.


The richest people in Britain are property tycoons David and Simon Reuben, who together own London’s Millbank Tower and the John Lewis headquarters in the capital. Their fortune has increased by £3.4bn in the last year to reach an eye-watering £13.1bn.

And with that, we need a lie down.