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03rd Jul 2018

Massive flight disruptions could arrive next week as Ryanair pilots vote on strike action

Rory Cashin

It has been six months since the last threat of strike action within the company.

Just before Christmas, Ryanair changed its long-standing policy of not recognising unions by writing to pilot unions in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, inviting each of them to talks to recognise these unions as the representative body for pilots in Ryanair in each of these countries.

By doing this, they managed to avoid any strike action in the week leading up to the busy Christmas season, but it would appear the situation has still not been fully rectified.

Today (Tuesday 3 July), Ryanair pilots will reveal whether or not they will back strike action, following the lack of resolution of several issues within the company.

The Irish Airline Pilots Association IALPA will announce the result of its strike ballot, while on separate matter, the International Transport Workers Federation has organised a two-day summit of Ryanair cabin crew from all across Europe in Dublin, and they too have warned of a potential strike action if their concerns are not deal with.

According to RTE News, the general issue of the concerns deals with seniority and promotions, the process of priority in annual leave, and that improvements in staff pay and conditions taking too long to improve.