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15th Jun 2022

Rwanda: Record 444 migrants attempt to cross English Channel on Tuesday

Ava Evans

Rwanda isn’t working

A record 444 migrants were rescued after trying to cross the English channel on Tuesday, the same day the U.K. had scheduled its first deportation flight to Rwanda.

This is the highest number of people since 562 were detected on April 14 earlier this year.

According to the Ministry of Defence, a total of 11 boats were picked up by authorities, meaning an average of 40 people were travelling on each dinghy.

Good weather on Wednesday is expected to draw even higher numbers.

While official crossing figures grow, the government maintain that the plan to fly asylum seekers to Rwanda will dissuade potential refugees from making the perilous journey across the channel.

On Tuesday, following a last-minute intervention by the European court of human rights, which saw all migrants removed from yesterday’s inaugural deportation, Home Secretary Priti Patel said she had already begun preparation for the next flight.

In a statement she said she would “not be deterred from doing the right thing” adding that many of those removed from yesterday’s flight will be placed on the next.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated…