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14th Jun 2022

Rwanda flight in doubt after last minute legal intervention

Kieran Galpin

The flight is due to take off at 9:30pm

The European Court of human rights has made a last attempt to halt the flight taking asylum seekers in the UK to Rwanda.

Lawyers for the asylum seekers set to fly out on June 14 have filed a successful emergency application to The European Court Of Human Rights (EHRC), The Guardian writes.

UK courts had dismissed the case previously, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson accusing lawyers of aiding the criminals in exploiting refugees.

According to the BBC, Legal challenges had reduced the number of passengers from around 37 to six.

The EHRC granted the emergency request for a 54-year-old man from Iraq. According to ITV’s Paul Brand, the man “only arrived in the UK by boat in May, with a doctor concluding he might have been tortured in the past.”

A letter from the court says the man should not be on tonight’s flight, with sources claiming that the grounds cited apply to all of the people facing deportation.

Another Iraqi detainee was due to fly out, but an injunction from the Upper Tribunal has prevented his departure, reports Sky News.

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