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10th Nov 2018

Resigning Tory minister calls for a second Brexit referendum

Carl Kinsella

He also just so happens to be Boris Johnson’s brother

As the UK continues to hurtle towards Brexit with no deal in place, plenty of leading voices are calling for the public to vote on the issue once again.

Jo Johnson, a Conservative MP for the constituency of Orpington, has said: “My view is that this is so different from what was billed that it would be an absolute travesty if we don’t go back to the people and ask if they want to exit the EU on this extraordinarily hopeless basis.”

“In the campaign there were undoubtedly promises made that were shown to be undeliverable – no one can dispute that,” Johnson told Radio 4 on Saturday morning.

“It was a false prospectus, it was a fantasy set of promises that have been shown up for what they were,” said Johnson after resigning his post as Minister for Transport earlier in the week. “We are now faced with the reality of that in the form of the deal that the prime minister is about to bring back before parliament.”

The United Kingdom voted by a slight majority to leave the European Union in June 2016 — but since then it has been proven that the Vote Leave campaign was premised on several mistruths.