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07th May 2018

Record-breaking May Day Bank Holiday temperatures as UK sizzles hotter than Mexico

James Dawson

It’s going to be seriously hot.

Britain looks set to experience its hottest ever May Day Bank Holiday today, with temperatures rocketing 10C above the average for this time of year.

According to forecasters, temperatures in London could reach up to 29C, meanwhile, the highs predicted in Mexico City are just 22C.

It looks increasingly likely today will be a record-breaker. On the first official May Bank Holiday in 1999 the thermometer peaked at 23.6C, and before that, in 1995, we hit 28.6C.

Met Office forecaster Gregg Dewhurst told “We’re looking at highs of 28C, possibly even 29C. The record for a May Bank Holiday is 28.6C in 1995.

“The average for this time of years is about 16, so we are about 10 degrees above average right now.

“High pressure is over the UK at the moment meaning the temperature just goes up and up and up.”