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25th Mar 2015

Snoop calls for BBC boycott over Clarkson exit

Ain't nuthin' but a BBC thang...


Jeremy Clarkson has received support from an unlikely source.

Gangster rap legend Snoop Dogg has urged the British public to stop watching the BBC until Clarkson is reinstated as host of Top Gear.

Snoop called the big-wigs at Aunty “crazy” over their firm stance on Clarkson, who was suspended by the broadcaster for an alleged confrontation and has now been told his contract won’t be renewed.

Top Gear has since been pulled from the schedules, which has really ticked off Snoop.

“The BBC got to be crazy to even think about firing Jeremy Clarkson,” he told The Sun.

“He isn’t part of Top Gear – he is Top Gear. If they even think about firing him, Britain needs to boycott the BBC until he is reinstated.

“It don’t matter what country I am in, I know if I stick the TV on in a hotel room then I am gonna get CNN and I am gonna get Top Gear.

“The reason it is syndicated all over the world is because of Jeremy and the BBC have gotta get that.”

It appears the rapper won’t be dropping the matter until he sees his beloved Top Gear presenter back on the screen.

Hat-tip IB Times