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04th Apr 2019

Water rains down into the Commons ending parliament session in perfect Brexit metaphor

James Dawson

Apocalyptic carnage in the Commons

A House of Commons debate was ended prematurely after a leak caused water to pour into the chamber. Remember learning about the pathetic fallacy in GCSE English? Well, it was pretty much that only rather than encapsulating the plot of Great Expectations it summed up just how broken our politics has become.

As water gushed into the House – only a day after a 310-310 tie on a Brexit vote forced the speaker John Bercow to step in and make a casting decision on whether there should be even more votes and debate on Brexit – the deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle evacuated the chamber and suspended the session.

He said: “I have got to suspend the sitting and when we come back the bells will ring two minutes before we restart. The sitting is now suspended, and no photographs please.”

A spokesman for the Commons tweeted: “We are aware of a water leak on the estate and are taking urgent action to resolve it.”

With Brexit, it seems like the shit just keeps on coming: each of us boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the ERG vision of the future.