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19th Jun 2019

QUIZ: Can you tell how many years apart these major world events were?

Wayne Farry

Time, eh?

Time passes by and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it, baby. You’re going to get older, uglier and more experienced at dealing with both of those things, and that is simply that.

If there is one positive about being around for a long time though it’s that you are likely to have witnessed, or at least noticed, major events taking place in the world outside.

You’ll have seen wars begin and end (and hopefully not taken part in any of them), you’ll have seen world leaders pass away (RIP in peace forever) and you’ll have seen major sporting events take place.

And what was it all for? What were all of those years of living for? That’s right: to take this fucking quiz.

Short run-down: we give you a major world event and you tell us which of the two potential answers took place closest to it.