Vladimir Putin's KGB spy ID discovered in Germany 1 year ago

Vladimir Putin's KGB spy ID discovered in Germany

Vladimir Putin was a KGB spy stationed in Dresden between 1985 and 1990

Vladimir Putin's spy identification has been recovered in Dresden, a city formerly part of East Germany.

The Stasi ID pass was found in a secret police archive and was used by the Russian president to enter in and out of facilities there during the 1980s.

The pass shows the German spelling of his first name as 'Wladimir'.

Putin was stationed in East Germany in 1985, and had his ID renewed every months until his departure back to Russia in 1990, after the collapse of the Communist East German government.

He was 33 at the time and had two daughters whilst operating in Dresden.

Upon returning to Russia, Putin began working at Leningrad State University for three months, before he was appointed as an advisor on international affairs to the Mayor of Leningrad, Anatoly Sobchak.

He is now serving his third presidential term.