Puppy dies as Storm Arwen rips roof off rescue centre 5 months ago

Puppy dies as Storm Arwen rips roof off rescue centre

The centre is now using little jumpers to keep the animals warm

A puppy has died at a rescue centre in Wales after Storm Arwen destroyed one of the buildings and ripped the roof off overnight.


On Friday night, a roof was ripped off the building at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

The owner of Many Tears, Sylvia Van Atta, said that the newborn puppy died at the centre which is currently without power and hot water.


Much of Wales has been hounded with wind speeds up to 81mph (130km/h) as a weather warning blankets much of the UK.

"The sheets of metal blew off the roof of the building which we use as both a stable and a classroom, and flew over our heads, narrowly avoiding the kennels where we keep the dogs," Van Atta told the BBC.

"We are working to patch up the roof now before the winds pick up again, but it will all have to be replaced.

"It will cost thousands of pounds to repair."


Van Atta posted a video on Facebook showcasing the damage to her centre. The post has since amassed hundreds of shares and thousands of comments.

In just a few hours, the centre has raised £37,000 for renovations and rebuilds.

"The dogs all have little jumpers on because we haven't got the power to keep them warm," she said.

"People think dogs don't need to be kept warm, but they do.


"We are trying to fill up hot water bottles too from other sources so we can keep them warm."

People have begun sharing their condolences on social media, with one person writing: "I'm not easily upset but this has really upset me. I'm posting everywhere about this and have donated. I'll continue campaigning to help. We're at the other end of the country otherwise I'd be there in a shot. It brings back the loving and losing memories of my schnauzer Daisy who we adopted from Many Tears."

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