Public urged to join slow clap to protest 1% NHS pay rise 3 months ago

Public urged to join slow clap to protest 1% NHS pay rise

Unison have asked the public to join the clap in protest at the "insulting" pay increase proposal for NHS workers

The UK's largest union has called on the public to take part in a protest clap at the government's proposal to increase NHS staff wages by a mere 1% for workers in England.


After the challenges faced by more than a million health service workers over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the move to offer only a slight pay increase has been widely criticised, despite health minister Nadine Dorries claiming the slight increase was all the government could afford.

In response, Unison has announced plans to hold a mass slow hand clap next Thursday (March 11), asking members of the public to take to their doorsteps at 8pm in a show of support for NHS workers.

"Give the chancellor a slow hand clap for his miserly 1%," said Unison general secretary, Christina McAnea.

"Times may be tough but this deal is below-inflation and derisory. It's like the worst of austerity is back.

"NHS staff have worked throughout the darkest days in health service history. They were expecting a fair increase that reflects their exceptional efforts.

"Nurses, midwives, porters, cleaners and other health workers are upset, hurt and angry.


"There were 100,000 vacancies even before Covid hit. Now the health service will be losing staff quicker than they can recruit new ones."

The move by Unison comes as The Royal College of Nursing, which represents 450,000 health care professionals, plans potential strikes in response to the proposal.