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29th Sep 2017

Proposed UKIP logo bears a striking resemblance to the one used by the Premier League

Look familiar?

Paul Moore

Well, well, well…

Following a tumultuous year for UKIPhe party is set to announce its fourth leader in just over a year at their annual conference in Torquay.

As stated previously, the hardline Anti-Islam campaigner Anne Marie Waters is the bookies favourite to take the position, but many of the party’s MEPs have threatened to resign if that happens.

Regarding this internal election campaign, the winner is set to be announced this evening.

With the political glare firmly on UKIP, Dan Bloom, a political reporter for the Daily Mirror, has been covering their annual conference.

One of the issues on the party agenda is their decision to adopt a new Ukip logo because, in their own words, the pound sign is “not resonating with today’s voters.”

Here are the two new designs that were proposed.

After these designs were made public, Marina Hyde, a journalist for The Guardian, noted the striking similarity between the potential UKIP ‘lion’ design and the current logo that’s used by Premier League.

To be fair, the similarities are striking.

At present, the UKIP members are opting for the lion as their new logo.

We wonder if a letter from a graphic designer – informing UKIP that they’re in breach of trademark/copyright laws – is in their future?