Princess Eugenie got in trouble with Queen for 'off-limits' Instagram photo 1 year ago

Princess Eugenie got in trouble with Queen for 'off-limits' Instagram photo

The behind-the-scenes photo of Buckingham Palace got Eugenie in hot water

Princess Eugenie has revealed that an Instagram picture she shared to celebrate Father's Day got her in a spot of bother with the rest of the firm - sorry, Royal Family - as it showed an "off-limits" area of the palace.


For those of you still wondering, Eugenie's father is Mr Pizza Express himself, Prince Andrew.

The princess is one of the few members of the Royal Family who is allowed to have a personal social media account, and often posts on Instagram, sharing snaps of her charity work, previous events, and now her newly-born son, August.


But Eugenie revealed in an interview to Vogue in 2018 that a photo of her father that she had shared to mark Father's Day had got her in trouble. The offending image of her father in fact was taken in an area of the Royal residence that is not open to the public.


Who it was exactly that kicked off at the image we will never know. And the less said about the subject of the image the better I guess.

But considering the last month that the Royals have had, Eugenie's Insta posts are probably going to slip further down their list of priorities, as a couple of people across the pond capture their attention slightly more.

In fact, for most people Eugenie's main claim to fame is probably still the hats that her and her sister Princess Beatrice wore at the Royal Wedding in 2011. Never forget.