Prince Harry has personally asked one of the biggest acts in the world to sing at his wedding 4 years ago

Prince Harry has personally asked one of the biggest acts in the world to sing at his wedding

Bold move.

We're a few months away from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, but there is already huge amounts of hype around it. From what type of dress Meghan will wear, to who will be present and also who won't be.


Other aspects of the day, that are being speculated on, are what choice of entertainment the happy couple will choose. Only recently it was revealed that Geri Horner wanted the Spice Girls to be asked. While that might still happen, it's probably not very likely.

But, in the meantime, Prince Harry has reportedly personally asked none other than Ed Sheeran to sing at their wedding. As we know already, Will and Kate had Ellie Goulding performing at their wedding in 2011 and Princess Diane and Charles had Elton John.

Prince Harry

A source told Us Weekly, "Prince Harry has personally requested Ed perform at his wedding." They also said that Harry and Meghan's chosen song for him to sing is Perfect.

Interestingly, Ed has previously said that he would be interested in taking up the offer should it arise, so it looks like it might happen.

When or where he is set to perform, it's not clear but presumably, it's for the first dance. The order for the couple's day has already been revealed.

The wedding ceremony will take place at 12pm on May, 19 at St George's Chapel. The Dead of Windsor will conduct the service and the Archbishop of Canterbury will officiate the vows.


After the wedding, at 1pm, newly married Harry and Meghan will travel from St George's Chapel through the town of Windsor in a carriage before returning to Windsor Castle. They want people to come together for this and enjoy the atmosphere in the town.

After that, they will return to St George's Hall to meet with the wedding congregation before inviting 'close friends and family' to a private evening reception.