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27th Jan 2019

Pope Francis calls the Virgin Mary “the first influencer”

Carl Kinsella

We’ve never… thought about it this way before.

Pope Francis is a modern kind of pope. He’s not only the first pope to ever drive through Ballymun in a Skoda, he’s also the first pope to have an active Twitter account.

The Argentinian pope is currently visiting the Central American nation of Panama, and during a speech — he made a pretty weird comment about the Virgin Mary.

As anyone who has ever been to mass knows, priests love making inaccurate comparisons between the Bible and modern-day pop culture.

In a tweet posted from his official Twitter account, an excerpt of the speech reveal that The Pope sees parallels between Mary and social media influencers.

“With her “yes”, Mary became the most influential woman in history. Without social networks, she became the first “influencer”: the “influencer” of God.”

So there you have it. The next time you’re giving out about influencers, just remember that you’re really giving about the Virgin Mary.

Well, at least she never tried to get us to go to Fyre Festival.


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