Police investigate devices found on railway linked to Brexit 3 years ago

Police investigate devices found on railway linked to Brexit

The two devices found on railway tracks have been linked to Brexit

Police began investigations into two suspicious packages found on railway tracks in central England. The attempts to disrupt the rail service has been linked to Brexit after a BBC reporter said one package had a note on it which read: 'Leave means Leave'. The other reportedly had a note with words to the effect of "We'll bring Britain to a standstill".


Devices were found on railway tracks by workers on March 21 and 27 near Yaxley in Cambridgeshire and Netherfield in Nottinghamshire, but neither attempt to disrupt the train services was successful.


"This was a serious and deliberate attempt by someone to cause significant sabotage and disruption to Britain's rail network," Sean O'Callaghan from British Transport Police said in a statement.

"We're are currently keeping an open mind on why someone would put their life at risk to place these items on a live railway, however our early assessment has led us to believe it relates to Britain's exit from the European Union," he said.

O'Callaghan also said that the culprits' intent was only to delay train services, as opposed to causing harm to the infrastructure.