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25th Jan 2022

Podcast host refuses to apologise for saying he’d leave his wife if she got fat after childbirth

Charlie Herbert

Podcast host says he'd leave his wife if she got fat after childbirth

The comments have sparked anger online

A podcast host has come under fire for controversial comments made about how he’d leave his future wife if she didn’t lose weight after giving birth.

Brothers Anthony Casasanta and Nick Casasanta launched The No Filter Pod earlier this month with friend Jason Girratano – describing it as “the most blunt podcast in the world.”

Although the show is designed to be controversial, it seems like the trio have gone too far this time, with the comments sparking a huge backlash.

However the hosts have refused to apologise, saying that they feel the video has been “taken out of context” and that they think it’s “very important to hold spouses, both men and women, to a high standard.”

A snippet of the conversation was posted onto TikTok, with the caption “is this too much.” It shows Anthony telling Nick and Jason: “If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her once.

“If you don’t get your s**t together, because I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, my spouse, but if you can’t do that, I’m out.”

They added to the provocative concept by saying that it “goes for the man too” to stay in shape during a relationship.

The clip has been viewed more than two million times but comments have been turned off due to the backlash.

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One of those to criticise the clip was Alex Light, a British body confidence influencer, who described the comments as “one of the worst things” she’s ever seen on the internet.

“What you’re saying is that when you get married, you’re not looking for a partnership, that’s not what you want,” she said on Instagram.

“You want to own and control your wife. You want her to look and behave a certain way – your way – you want her to conform to your standards and if she doesn’t, she’s gone.”


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Her post has received hundreds of comments from other outraged women, all agreeing that the comments were “scary” and “heartbreaking”.

“That video literally made me nauseous. Thank you for being you and calling this out,” one wrote.

In a statement to, the podcast hosts said they have been the victims of a social media pile-on.

“We really feel as the video was taken out of context,” the trio said in a statement. “We will not be apologising.”

They added: “We just don’t want our wives to be obese. We feel as if society promotes obesity which is a very unhealthy and uncomfortable way of living.

“We promote healthy lifestyles here at NoFilterPod. It’s also not only about weight gain after childbirth, it’s also about mental health as well as the physical health.

“We feel like it’s very important to hold spouses both men and women to a high standard.”

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