Piers Morgan says he 'never thought Trump would be capable of inciting a mob' 1 month ago

Piers Morgan says he 'never thought Trump would be capable of inciting a mob'

"To those who warned this would happen, you’ve been proven right."

Piers Morgan had admitted those who warned of that Donald Trump posed a threat to democracy have been "proven right", following the violence that occurred at the US Capitol last week.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain Morgan's co-host Susanna Reid asked him whether recent events have made him think twice about the support he has shown Trump over the years, which includes gifting him an Arsenal shirt during an interview.

"No question," Morgan responded. "I never thought he would be capable of this."

"Even though people gave cast dispersions on his character, thought he was a pretty despicable human being, the things he has said...," Reid responded.

Morgan responded affirmatively, before saying: "He has played down to the very worst expectations predictions of his worst critics."

He added: "And to everyone who gave him the benefit of the doubt, including me for a long time - until the pandemic really hit hard in March, April, when I could see the way he was going, and I then began to attack him, which I've done all year last year...

"But there's no doubt, I never ever imagined the person I'd known for 15 years would be capable of inciting a mob to attack the Capitol in America and attack democracy itself.

"He didn't just cross a ling, he trampled all over that line and he's now a threat to American democracy.

"To those who warned this would happen with Trump, you’ve been proven right. It's a sobering moment.

On the violence that occurred as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last week, Morgan tweeted on Sunday: "These people aren’t ’patriots’, they’re murderous traitors."