Piers Morgan calls out 'gutless, graceless sore loser' Donald Trump in tweet 1 month ago

Piers Morgan calls out 'gutless, graceless sore loser' Donald Trump in tweet

This once beautiful friendship appears to be over

Piers Morgan used to be one of US president Donald Trump's biggest cheerleaders, championing the businessman when he first became Commander-In-Chief and even going so far as to gift him an Arsenal shirt while interviewing him in 2018.

However, as Trump's presidency became more divisive, and as his rhetoric became more violent during the widespread Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, Morgan's warmth towards his former co-star from The Apprentice wained.

He increasingly criticised Trump's behaviour and policy decisions, and often wrote columns appearing to appeal in vain to the president's humanity. It never worked.

It has all led to January 20th - Trump's final day in office before the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden - and Morgan's farewell message to Trump.

Sent from his Twitter account this afternoon, the Good Morning Britain host called Trump "gutless" and criticised him for failing to show empathy during the past year.

He said: "You blew it, Donald. If you’d shown Americans leadership & empathy when it really mattered in the past year, you’d have been re-elected. Instead, you failed them. Spectacularly badly. And now you slink off as a gutless graceless sore loser. How pathetic. Shame on you."

Trump departs the White House leaving behind a legacy of incompetence and alleged malfeasance, to the point that many of his critics and supporters had expected him to pardon himself on his final day.

He opted against that move, however, one which would have proven legally dubious were prosecutors to seek charges against him once he returned to civilian life.

He did issue 73 pardons, though, including one to his former advisor Steve Bannon, and rapper Lil Wayne.