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03rd Feb 2017

The Donald Trump front cover of Der Spiegel is quite graphic and quite stunning

Not holding back.

Conor Heneghan

It’s been an eventful first couple of weeks as US president for Donald Trump.

Not even a month in, the furore over the size of the crowds at his inauguration, the commitment to building a wall between the US and Mexico and, in particular, the implementation of the travel ban have showed that the Trump regime is likely to be as chaotic as many predicted (and plenty feared) when he was elected to office.

The media certainly haven’t held back in their coverage of Trump to date and perhaps the most stunning example of that yet is the cover of German magazine Der Spiegel, which depicts Trump having sliced the bloody head off the Statue of Liberty alongside the Trump slogan ‘America First’.

The artist responsible is Edel Rodriguez and her stunning piece of work has borne comparisons with the movie, American Psycho.

The release of the cover comes shortly after the New Yorker’s more subtle but equally impactful front cover, titled ‘Liberty’s Flameout’.


On Thursday, it was estimated that approximately 1,000 people turned up at a protest against Trump outside the US Embassy in Dublin.

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