People are baffled why billionaire Zuckerberg uses a bottle of BBQ sauce as a bookstand 8 months ago

People are baffled why billionaire Zuckerberg uses a bottle of BBQ sauce as a bookstand

Money can't buy you love.... but it could buy Mark Zuckerberg a book stand

On Thursday (October 28), we were treated to the news that Facebook would be rebranding as Meta.


In a video, Mark Zuckerberg explained to us how we would soon all spend our time living in a technological, virtual universe, interacting with trippy avatars where the only touch we feel is the rigid plastic of a VR headset around our eyes and the only emotion we experience is the buzz of someone 'love' reacting to our latest Metaverse upload.

However along with this dystopian glimpse into the future, people couldn't help noticing something else in the video.

In Zuckerberg's luxurious billionaire house, he uses a bottle of BBQ sauce as a book stand.


Some soon identified the specific brand and bottle, recognising it as a Sweet Baby Ray's bottle.


Others suggested that the bottle of sauce was an attempt by Zuckerberg to convince us all that he is in fact human.


It's a sweet bit of advertising for the folk at Sweet Baby Ray's though. According to Apex Marketing, the placement of the bottle in the video was worth around $1.8 million to the company.


Alongside spotting the sauce bottle, the other big news from the announcement was that the overall Facebook organisation would be changing its name to Meta.

Explaining the decision to rebrand, Zuckerberg said: "We are a company that builds technology to connect. Together, we can finally put people at the centre of our technology. And together, we can unlock a massively bigger creator economy."

The company's social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp will not be rebranding though and will keep their current names.

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