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01st Dec 2023

People furious after opening first door of their Advent Calendar

Joseph Loftus

December 1 is finally here

It’s finally here. December 1. The build-up to Christmas. As wintery frosts descend all around us, our eyes are not set on the grand prize which is December 25.

One of the great Christmas traditions started this morning as people across the world opened the first door to their Advent Calendars, however many who got their hands on a Celebrations Advent Calendar were left less than impressed.

Why’s that, I hear you ask. Well, it’s because behind the first door on the calendar was the ever divisive Bounty.

Honestly, I don’t think Bounty’s are that bad at all, but I know I’m in the minority here, as many took to X to voice their unconditional anger.

One person wrote: “Day one of Advent Calendar and it’s… A flippin’ BOUNTY. Damn it. Roll on the 2nd.”

Another said: “Celebrations advent calendar day one is a f**king Bounty. Some kind of sick joke by Mars Wrigley.”

A third commented: “The first choc in the Celebrations advent calendar was a Bounty. @UKCelebrations what on Earth.”

Another said: “A bounty as day one in the Celebrations Advent Calendar are you kidding me?”

While many were furious at finding the Bounty behind the first door, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a special Bounty in your selection box as Celebrations have put a 9-carat gold Bounty bar weighing over 1kg and worth a whopping £25,000 inside one random tub.

Confirming the news, Kerry Cavanaugh, Mars Wrigley’s UK, Business Unit Director, said: “Every year, we love seeing the debate rage over our beloved Celebrations tubs. This year, our much-loved Bounty bar has gone Gold!

“The Bounty bar is worth £25,000, which surely is enough to make even the most dedicated Bounty-haters reconsider their stance. We’re excited to hear the public’s verdict – would you treasure, or would you trade? Bring Home The Bounty!”

Keep your eyes on the prize. Roll on the second. Sorted.

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