Partygate: Full list of Tories who have called for Boris Johnson to resign 1 month ago

Partygate: Full list of Tories who have called for Boris Johnson to resign

Will Johnson survive as PM?

Fined by the police and facing falling favour in the polls, Boris Johnson is fighting off the largest threat to his premiership.


It takes 54 letters from Tory MPs to trigger a no confidence vote, and the latest development in the "partygate" scandal could take that number over the fold.

New photographs on Monday night, showing the prime minister may have lied when he told the Commons "no rules had been broken" during partygate, have resulted in renewed calls for Johnson to step down from his role.

On a day destined to be dominated by drama, here's the full list of Tory MPs calling for the pm to stand down:


1. Steve Baker

During an emotional speech to the Commons last month, Brexit hardman and Boris-backer Steve Baker said the Partygate scandal had made his leadershup untenable.

Baker said he was among MPs who "went out of our way not only to make him Prime Minister but to do our bit systematically to help him get an 80-seat majority".

"I’m afraid that the Prime Minister and those who advise him need to understand that this is a permanent stone in his shoe."


2. Mark Harper

Former Tory chief whip Mark Harper confirmed he had submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister via Twitter.


Speaking in the commons, Harper said Johnson's apology had not been enough to bring him back on side. He said: "I regret to say that we have a Prime Minister who broke the laws that he told the country they had to follow, hasn't been straightforward about it and is now going to ask the decent men and women on these benches to defend what I think is indefensible."

3. Dr Neil Hudson


Dr Hudson, the Tory MP for Penrith and the Borders, said he was "categorically" unable to "defend the indefensible".

In a statement he wrote: "Destabilising the UK Government would undermine international efforts to support the Ukrainian people and bring the despicable Russian invasion to an end,"

"I will therefore be looking to the Prime Minister to show the statesmanship he has been showing with Ukraine, and outline a timetable and process for an orderly transition to a leadership election as soon as the international situation permits."


4. Karen Bradley

Former Northern Ireland Secretary and the MP for Staffordshire Moorlands, made her feelings clear in Stoke-on-Trent Live: "I will spend the next few days consulting my constituents and will decide on what action to take after listening to them.

"But I do wish to make it clear that if I had been a minister found to have broken the laws that I passed, I would be tendering my resignation now."


5. Craig Whittaker

The MP for Calder Valley, a previous staunch supporter and backer of the PM, called on Johnson to resign during a Facebook question-and-answer session.

"I not only think that the Prime Minister should resign but I also think that Rishi Sunak should resign as well. Through this whole process it hasn't been particularly clear that the Prime Minister broke any rules - until of course he's been issued with a fixed penalty notice.”


6. Nigel Mills

Tory MP for Amber Valley was one of the first to publicly break ranks from Johnson.

Speaking to BBC Radio Derby he said: “I don’t think a prime minister can survive or should survive breaking the rules he put in place… I don’t think his position is tenable, in my view.”


7. Sir Roger Gale

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale has flip-flopped on whether to back or bash the PM. Having submitted a letter of no confidence in January, he later u-turned - arguing the Ukraine war meant Johnson should stay in post.

Following another 180, he said: “It’s absolutely clear that there was a party, that he attended it, that he was raising a toast to one of his colleagues. And therefore, he misled us from the despatch box. And, honourably, there is one answer.”

8. Tobias Ellwood

The Defence Committee chair sent his letter of no-confidence in February, arguing a change in leadership would not derail the UK's efforts to thwart Putin in Ukraine.

He urged colleagues to “take matters into their own hands” and fix once and for all the “absence of discipline, of focus and leadership” in No 10.

Following the publication of the Sue Gray report on Wednesday, Ellwood made a statement in the Commons - calling for Johnson to resign.

9. Peter Aldous

The MP for Waverley said he had submitted his letter following a"great deal of soul-searching"

He said: "I believe that this is in the best interests of the country, the Government and the Conservative Party."


Could there be more?

While some Tories have recently withdrawn their letters of no confidence, it's possible that publication of the Sue Gray report could lead to an increase in dissenting voices.

For example, more measured backbenchers, like senior Tory Tom Tugendhat, have not formally called for Johnson to resign - but have conceded they are "considering" the matter.

Speaking on Monday evening, Tugendhat said he was "talking to colleagues" about it, adding: "Frankly, it's very difficult to have confidence in the government right now."

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