Partygate: First photos of Boris Johnson on the piss during lockdown 1 month ago

Partygate: First photos of Boris Johnson on the piss during lockdown

It's not looking good, Prime Minister

Leaked photographs from one of the alleged rule-breaking parties show the Prime Minister laughing and drinking on the Downing Street estate during lockdown.


The four images obtained by ITV News show Boris Johnson at a leaving party on 13th November 2020 surrounding by food, drink and a group of people.

It's understood the photos were taken at a leaving party for former Director of Communications Lee Cain.

At the time, indoor gatherings with people outside of your household were banned - a mere eight days after England had been put back into lockdown.


A photograph obtained by ITV News of the prime minister raising a glass at a leaving party on 13 November 2020.

In the photo, Johnson can be seen raising a glass of fizz with a gathering of people surrounding him.

On the table can be seen several empty wine glasses and the prime minister's official red box - presumably filled with top secret government papers.


The leaked images could fuel claims that Johnson was lying when he told the House of Commons that all Covid guidance has been followed in Downing Street and that people were following the rules.

On the 8th December, Labour's Catherine West asked Johnson: "Will the Prime Minister tell the House whether there was a party in Downing Street on the 13th of November?"

The Prime Minister replied: "Mr Speaker, no."


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