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01st Feb 2019

Paddy Power unveil savage full-page Brexit ads in two British newspapers

Carl Kinsella

That’s one way of getting the message across

On Thursday, The Sun targeted Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar in an op-ed written by editor Tony Gallagher. In their latest broadside on the Irish leader, they called him “naive,” accused him of “posing as a hardman” and said his “continued posturing is suicidal”.

Now it seems like Paddy Power, renowned for their risqué ads, have taken up Varadkar’s cause.

A full-page ad running in today’s English editions of The Sun and The Star has issued an apology to the English population for the various misfortunes that have befallen them since the Brexit referendum two and a half years ago.

A photograph of the ad, posted to Twitter by Paddy Power’s head of major brand activations Paul Mallon, unveils the message: “Dear England, sorry for the last two years of pain, suffering and humiliation. Another 798 and we’ll be even.”

Hard to argue with that.

Throughout Brexit, a multitude of MPs, media commentators and journalists have revealed their ignorance, not only about Anglo-Irish relations, but also the most straightforward geographical and regulatory facts about the Republic of Ireland.

Maybe this latest ad will help get the message across.

As it stands, the UK is set to crash out of the EU without a deal on 29 March. Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement was defeated in parliament earlier this month.