If you use this porn site, the world might be about to find out about it 5 years ago

If you use this porn site, the world might be about to find out about it

A Brazzers leak has got a few people hot and sweaty, but not in *that* way.

It won't make a difference if you used private browsing, closed your curtains or threw your phone/laptop in a giant pool of acid.


Brazzers, one of the biggest porn sites in the world, has reported a hack with one million of its customers' details being leaked online.

The personal information which includes email addresses, passwords and usernames on the website was stolen by hackers.


For users caught up in this leak, it's slightly worrying news as following the leak on the website Ashley Madison, attempts of extortion on users dramatically increased, though you'd imagine it'd be more difficult to extort money from someone for watching porn than for signing up to a cheating service.

There's also the issue if you use the same password or username for other accounts such as your Facebook, email or internet banking.

Brazzers were quick to shift the blame for the leak elsewhere, claiming that the hack happened on a third party site.


Speaking with MotherboardMatt Stevens, Brazzers' PR manager said: "This matches an incident which occurred in 2012 with our 'Brazzersforum,' which was managed by a third party."

"The incident occurred because of a vulnerability in the said third party software, the 'vBulletin' software, and not Brazzers itself. Brazzers takes the privacy and safety of its users very seriously."

All we know is, if you use the site and use the same password for a different account, we'd highly recommend changing it up...