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03rd Jun 2021

Nurse who spread Covid conspiracy theories that ‘vaccines kill’ struck off

Claudia McInerney

The conspiracy theorist has been removed from the nursing register permanently

A nurse and anti-vaxxer who spread conspiracy theories during the pandemic that Covid-19 was linked to 5G and “vaccines kill” has been struck off, according to the Telegraph.

Kay Allison Shemirani, who calls herself Kate, has been removed from the nursing register after she used her status as a medical professional to circulate “distorted propaganda” about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kate, from Nottingham, claimed that symptoms of the disease were caused by 5G and that Covid vaccines were “rushed through” because “they want to kill you,” the Telegraph reports.

The conspiracy theorist said that staff at Covid vaccination clinics should be called “death squads”, whilst nurses were complicit in genocide. Kate also called the NHS the “new Auschwitz”, a concentration camp which claimed the lives of over one million people.

In July 2020, Kate was suspended from the Nursing and Midwifery Council and her social media accounts were taken down after she was found spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by the Telegraph, a Nursing Midwifery Council Fitness to Practice committee recently ruled that Kate’s wrongdoing was so serious that she has been removed from the nursing register for good.

The decision was made by the committee on both public interest and public protection grounds, it has been revealed.

The committee was made aware that Kate joined the NMC register in 1986, before she went on to work in the NHS. However, the mum-of-four now refers to herself as an “aesthetic nurse practitioner.”

Kate attended and actively participated in mass protests against Covid restrictions in London’s Trafalgar Square. She joined fellow conspiracy theorists, including the likes of Piers Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, and David Icke.