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16th May 2019

Nigel Farage owned by reporter in excruciating interview

The Brexit Party leader and original gammon could not answer a simple question about how Brexit would benefit a small Welsh town

Reuben Pinder

tfw when you run the Brexit party but can’t explain what Brexit would offer people

Nigel Farage failed to explain to an BBC reporter what Brexit would offer the people of the Welsh town Merthyr in an excruciating TV interview on Thursday.

It was put to the Brexit party leader by Arwyn Jones that Wales as a whole had been a net beneficiary of funding from the European Union, and Farage failed to explain what Brexit would offer the town other than the vague concept of “opportunities.”

“It will offer opportunities,” Farage said.

“Well for example, the steel industry, we’ll be in charge of that,” he added, before Jones pointed out that the steel industry is based in Port Talbot.

“We’ve got chances for the fishing industry… you look up and down these high streets, you look at little industries like the business I just popped into, the key thing to remember is that 12% of the entire UK economy is exporting goods to the European market and yet, as members of the single market, and yet, the other 88%,” he rambled before being corrected once again.

“It’s higher in Wales, agriculture for example is highly reliant on EU exports,” Jones explained. “What will Brexit offer? You’re not giving me enough of an answer.”

Farage retorted: “88% of the UK economy is not exporting, and yet we’re all stuck with single market rules. So I think for small business, entrepreneurs, people setting up as sole traders, I think we’ve got a much better opportunity outside the European Union.”