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29th Jan 2019

Nigel Farage claims Ireland ‘will leave the EU’ alongside Britain

Alan Loughnane

The former UKIP leader also claimed the European Union will not stand the test of time

Nigel Farage appeared on Irish TV show Claire Byrne Live on Monday night where he expressed his belief that Ireland will leave the European Union.

The former leader of UKIP and a key member of the 2016 Leave campaign appeared via video link from London on the show where he took part in a heated debate about Brexit and its impacts on Ireland.

He was asked by Byrne if he had ever considered how all of this could affect Ireland and “did you or do you care?”

“Oh I do, and I think ultimately Ireland will leave the European Union too,” Farage responded.

However, Byrne responded by stating that the latest polls show 88% of Irish people are in favour of remaining in the EU so any Irexit is not going to happen.

But Farage cited Ireland’s initial rejection of the Lisbon Treaty as justification for his claim.

“Just as you were all going to vote for the Lisbon Treaty but in the end you didn’t, you voted against the Lisbon Treaty, you were forced to vote again,” he said.

Byrne once again was forced to clarify that Ireland received assurances around sovereignty on issues such as our corporation tax and subsequently voted for the amended proposition.

Farage stated it was all “meaningless anyway” and that the EU will not stand the test of time.