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30th Jun 2018

NHS cuts ’17 unnecessary procedures’ as thousands prepare to march in London

A number of operations and treatments are being cut by the NHS

Oli Dugmore

A number of operations and treatments are being cut by the NHS

The NHS has marked its 70th birthday by announcing 17 “unnecessary procedures” that it will no longer provide.

Patients will be denied the treatments going forward as part of cost-cutting measures in the health service.

Thousands of protestors are expected in central London today too, to mark the institution’s birthday and demonstrate against increasing cuts and privatisation.

Healthcare staff and patients will be joined by Jeremy Corbyn, who is expected to address the crowd at 3.15pm.

The NHS is aiming to save £200 million a year by eliminating the risky or unnecessary procedures, which include injections for back pain, surgery to help snorers and knee arthroscopies for arthritis.

The conditions are generally believed to improve without direct intervention or treatment and NHS England is expected to tell patients to stop requesting pointless help, and that they have a responsibility to the NHS to do so.

NHS England’s 17 ‘unnecessary procedures’

  1. Snoring surgery
  2. Dilation and curettage for heavy menstrual bleeding
  3. Knee arthroscopies for osteoarthritis
  4. Injections for non-specific back pain
  5. Breast reduction
  6. Removal of benign skin lesions
  7. Grommets for glue ear
  8. Tonsillectomy
  9. Haemorrhoid surgery
  10. Hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding
  11. Removal of lesions on eyelids
  12. Removal of bone spurs for shoulder pain
  13. Carpal tunnel syndrome release
  14. Dupuytren’s contracture release
  15. Excision of small, non cancerous lumps on the wrist called ganglia
  16. Trigger finger release
  17. Varicose vein surgery

Theresa May recently pledged an extra £20 billion of funding for the NHS, costed to a non-existent “Brexit dividend” and vague promises of tax rises.

Jeremy Corbyn, who is expected to address today’s rally, said that the NHS was “on the brink.”

“What the Conservatives have done to our NHS, first under David Cameron, and then Theresa May, is appalling,” he said.

“Deliberate underfunding of services, and squeezing the pay of our brilliant doctors, nurses and health staff, has pushed our NHS to the brink.”