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22nd Apr 2015

New Zealand’s Prime Minister apologies for repeatedly pulling a waitress’ ponytail

Just, why?

It sounds like news from a school playground.

Boy pulls girl’s hair, girl doesn’t like it, boy gets in trouble.

But this is not kids in a primary school yard,  it’s the bloody Prime Minister of New Zealand.

The Prime Minster! A grown man. New Zealand’s David Cameron.

anchorman animated GIF

No, really… John Key, the leader of the country, was forced to apologise for repeatedly pulling the ponytail of a waitress in an Auckland cafe.

The BBC report #tailgate (as it is being dubbed) started last November and carried on despite the waitress telling Mr Key’s staff she didn’t like her hair being pulled (which is fair enough).

She even told him herself in March, but he carried on anyway…until she wrote this blog.

Mr Key’s office said the hair-pulling was meant to be “light-hearted”….yes, if you’re a six year old.

Here’s what Twitter thought…