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09th Feb 2019

New tiger introduced to London Zoo immediately kills its mate

Carl Kinsella

This is horrific

A Sumatran tiger named Melati was killed by her new mate Asim after the pair were introduced to one another in their London Zoo enclosure.

Asim, a 7-year-old tiger, had been brought in as a new mate for Melati, but upon meeting each other the situation “quickly escalated to a more aggressive interaction.” The zoo noted that introductions of big cats to one another are always considered to be high risk.

A statement published by the zoo details what went wrong: “Their introduction began as predicted, but quickly escalated into a more aggressive interaction.

“Zoo staff immediately implemented their prepared response, using loud noises, flares and alarms to try and distract the pair, but Asim had already overpowered Melati.

“Zookeepers were eventually able to secure Asim in a separate paddock so that they could safely get to Melati where our vets confirmed that she had sadly died.”

The zoo has been forced to shut down its tiger exhibit for the time being as it deals with the aftermath of the incident.

“Tiger Territory will remain closed for the rest of the day while our team focus on caring for Asim.”