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16th Oct 2021

‘Neighbour from hell’ booted out of a retirement home for getting naked and threatening to stab resident

Charlie Herbert

Neighbour kicked out of care home for getting naked and threatening to stab resident

One neighbour said she had been “nothing but trouble.”

A woman branded a “neighbour from hell” has been booted out of a retirement complex for getting naked and threatening to stab a resident who asked her to turn her music down.

Hayley Hope, 56, made residents’ lives “a misery” after being placed in the old people’s complex due to her mental health issues.

An elderly female resident living next door to her in Lincoln Green, in Worcester, asked her to turn her music down on September 4.

A court heard she told the woman: “I’m going to hit you, I will knife you.”

Several days later, other residents reported seeing her walking naked around the communal garden while shouting.

Hope was arrested and admitted exposure and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Ralph Robyns-Landricombe, prosecuting, said: “On September 4 this year she was asked to turn her music down by her neighbour.

“She became abusive and stated ‘I’m going to hit you’ and ‘I will knife you’. This has caused the woman to become fearful.

“Another resident stood between the woman and the defendant and instructed Hope to ‘go home’ which she did.”

Robyns-Landricombe went on to say that three days later, the same neighbour called the police with Hope outside her property, shouting and completely naked.

She was apparently “very drunk” as well, and “didn’t appear to be regretful of her behaviour or acknowledge any wrongdoing.”

She was slapped with an injunction which bans her from returning to Lincoln Green.

The court heard she committed the offences while serving two suspended sentences for being drunk and disorderly and failing to surrender to custody.

Barry Newton, defending, said Hope had 11 previous convictions, had mental health issues and a long-standing problem with alcohol.

Mr Newton said: “My client had lived in Keswick Drive in Worcester where she had been happy.

“Unfortunately there was a particular male neighbour who made her life a misery, taking over parts of her garden.

“That led to her leaving in rather dismal circumstances.

“Other residents at Lincoln Green were elderly while Miss Hope was 56. One wonders why the location was considered a sensible one.”

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Lincoln Green has 30 self-contained flats and caters for people aged 55 and over.

One resident said: “When we found out Hayley was banned from coming back here, a lot of people here breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“She’s been nothing but trouble since she moved in and was well known for being the resident neighbour from hell. She’s made her neighbours lives a misery.

“She clearly needs professional help. Why she was moved here in the first place is a complete mystery.”

Magistrates bailed Hope and ordered her to return for sentencing on January 17 next year.