Naked sunbathers chased by deer and fined for Covid breach in Sydney 3 months ago

Naked sunbathers chased by deer and fined for Covid breach in Sydney

Sunbathers, meet Bambi

Two sunbathers in Australia have been fined after they needed rescuing from one of Australia's most dangerous animals. No, it wasn't a huge spider or venomous snake, nor was it a kangaroo or a particularly arrogant koala; two grown men were sent running into the woods by none other than a deer. Do the deer in Australia carry machetes?


"It's difficult to legislate against idiots," NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said at a press conference on Monday when speaking about the incident.

Sydney beaches are renowned for their sun, sand, and great views/Via Getty

"Clearly putting people at risk by leaving home without a proper reason, and I think then on top of that, getting lost in the national park and diverting important resources away from the health operation, I think they should be embarrassed."

The city is currently in lockdown as it battles the Delta variant, but apparently, some people needed their UV rays more. When they were rescued from the bloodthirsty Disney character, the two nudists were fined A$1,000, approximately £547.

When the men were startled by the deer, they ran into the bush and found themselves separated and lost. Emergency services were able to locate "a 30-year-old man naked and carrying a backpack on the walking track near Lady Wakehurst Drive."

Upon further investigation, they found the other man who was partially clothed.

Perhaps next time you are faced with a deer, don't run into the bush where actual danger could be lurking. The two nudists may have soaked up that vitamin D, but it sure was an expensive sunbathing trip.