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16th Aug 2021

‘My dad said I was asking for creepy remarks about my swimsuit’

Charlie Herbert

woman in swimsuit

“Women who wear that kind of swimsuit top are asking men to look.”

A woman has described her upset when her dad said she was “asking” for creepy comments and attention because of the swimsuit she was wearing.

She was left in tears when a stranger made an inappropriate comment about her swimsuit, but instead of standing up for his daughter, the father simply said that she was “looking for attention like that.”

The woman explained that he parents had come to visit her and they all went to the pool during their stay. She says that she was wearing a “low-cut swimsuit but nothing too crazy.”

But while they were sitting by the pool, she says that a man walked by and took a long look at her before gesturing to his own chest area and saying “boy, I’d like to get inside there!”

She said: “I felt embarrassed. After the man passed and a few more awkward moments of silence later, I said ‘well that was awkward’ just to say something I guess.”

Instead of defending his daughter, her father turned to her and said: “Well, you are looking for attention like that. Women who wear that kind of swimsuit top are asking men to look.”

The daughter continued: “I fell silent. I didn’t know what to say. I went to the bathroom and started crying.

“Now I’m so embarrassed to be wearing this and I don’t think I can handle being around my dad the rest of the week. I expected…better from him, I guess? I just was having a good day and now feel so s***ty because of these two men.”

This was followed by her mum suggesting that she found a way to safety pin the top closed, adding: “It looks like you’re trying too hard with how it is.”

The woman took to Reddit for advice (Credit: Reddit)

After asking for advice on how to handle the situation on Reddit, one person said: “Your parents suck. Clothing is never an invitation to make the wearer uncomfortable. Please don’t take their comments to heart – it’s a reflection of their own nastiness, not of you. Wearing a swimsuit doesn’t make you gross or a sexual object.”

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A second wrote: “I can’t believe someone said that to you. Disgusting. And your dad needs to wake up and see how awful that is to think. It’s just your body. You can’t change it and you shouldn’t have to hide it just to not be verbally assaulted.”

The woman later provided an update on the situation, saying that she had spoken to her brother who supported her view. She explained she would be “putting down strict guidelines” that her parents would have to adhere to if they want to keep seeing her.”

She added: “If they don’t follow those, I will cut off contact. I am scared to do this but also kind of excited.”