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31st May 2019

Spectacular images captured of lava jets during Mount Etna’s eruption

Kyle Picknell

Europe’s most active volcano lit up the sky on Thursday night

Streams of lava were photographed shooting into the Italian night sky on Thursday as Mount Etna erupted.

The volcano – which is both Europe’s highest and most active – began erupting at 3am local time, billowing smoke and pouring lava.

As you can see, a small fissure originally opened on one side of the crater which led to the gushes of red lava flowing out overnight.

Located on the island of Sicily between the cities of Messina and Catania, municipalities fans of lower league Italian football will no doubt be aware of, Etna had seen an increase of seismic activity over the last week which culminated in the eruption.

Fortunately for us, Boris Behncke, who works the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, managed to capture a series of incredible photographs of the overnight activity.

Take a look:

As well as this video footage:

Yes, yes your old Geography teacher is absolutely buzzing at these developments.