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11th Aug 2023

Monkey with knife causes chaos in Chester Zoo

Joseph Loftus

Here’s a headline I didn’t think I’d be writing.

A monkey has caused absolute mayhem at Chester Zoo after getting a hold of a blade which it waved in its hand and refused to put down.

The monkey acquired the knife after a workman left it around… Probably not the best place to leave your knives.

Visitors to the zoo were absolutely mindblown by the display that stood before them as the Sulawesi crested macaque found the utensil and began shaking it around in front of his fellow primates.

Amazingly, the other monkeys then fought over possession of the blade.

The incident occured at 5pm on Wednesday August 9 and has been compared by many to Planet of the Apes.

This isn’t the first time that visitors have been left open mouthed at the Cheshire based zoo either.

Warning: Graphic Video Below.

Just over a year ago, a monkey scaled a 20ft pole and grabbed a seagull out of the sky. The monkey then savagely smashed the seagull to a death, as horrified parents shielded their children’s eyes.

But that wasn’t all, as the monkey then proceeded to eat the seagull and even appeared to lick the bird’s blood from its fingertips.

One scarred witness explained that the event was ‘really aggressive and mad’ saying: “Suddenly there were about 100 people watching. it was really violent, but it’s natural. It’s what happens in nature.”

Gruesome stuff.

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