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08th Nov 2023

Millennials and Gen Z workers are choosing not to become managers

Millennials and Gen Z workers are saying that they don’t want to have stressful managerial positions in the workplace.

TikToker @littlemisstrena shared a video in which she spoke out about why the younger generations are not running to take up leadership positions.

She asked viewers the question: “Why would you want to become a manager?”

“I absolutely fell for this,” she said.

“This was like two jobs ago and I still believed in like career advancement and, like, wanting to work my way up, so I became a supervisor.”

She explained that the position gave her “dollar pay bump”, but that was about it for the benefits.

The TikToker said the extra responsibility came with a heavier workload, and gave her more grief.

However, it didn’t even help her gain another position. When interviewing for other jobs, she claims that her experience was barely brought up.

“I don’t think at any point that was even brought up in any of my interviews. I don’t talk about it with people I work with now,”  she said.

“I’m like, it didn’t give me the bump I thought it was going to for all the extra stress.”

“Managing people is f***ing terrible,” she added.

Per The Independent, the clip received over 300,000 views, but was then removed from the platform.

However, she is not the only person to share this view.

Fellow TikToker Kyyah Abdul said that young people don’t want managerial positions as they are  “a glorified unpaid internship” and that the money “worth the work that you’re doing.”

Abdul used the pirate currency of “doubloons” to make her point.

“So you become a manager, and you realize, ‘Hold on, I only get a full doubloon despite doing three times the work I was previously doing as an associate?’” Abdul said.

“This is where people get to a point in their career that they’re like, you know what? I’m going to take it on the chin, continue to do this work because I know it’s an internship opportunity to make it to the next level where I’m really going to start making the pirate’s booty.”

However, Abdul made the point that as employees look to move into more senior positions, they find themselves stuck, as the turnover in those roles is less.

“These people don’t want to leave because of how much money they’re getting for very little work,” Abdul said. “I personally believe there are people out there that want to be managers, and they want to progress up the ladder, but there’s a standstill right here.”



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