Met Office issue exact date for upcoming August heatwave 9 months ago

Met Office issue exact date for upcoming August heatwave

The mercury is set to rise once more...

The UK looks set to be hit with another heatwave later on in August, with the Met Office issuing an exact timeframe for when the hot weather should hit.


After days of rain and thunder, more settled conditions are on the way, cuing another spell of hot and dry weather. Temperatures are predicted to be in the high twenties, and may even go beyond 30 degrees celsius.

August 11 looks to be the date when warmer weather will arrive on British shores.

The Met Office defines a heatwave as when a location records consecutive high temperatures for three or more days, so it remains to be seen whether the warmer weather can be called an official heatwave.


Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, told The Express: "High pressure may build towards the UK from the Azores, but there is a lot of uncertainty about this."

"If it happens temperatures in southern and central areas could climb towards the upper 20Cs and in the north the mid 20Cs."

"In the first half of August, mixed with showers or longer periods of rain but also warm and fine spells.

"The driest weather will probably be in the south and east, but a heightened risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms means local variations could be large.


"Temperatures should be above average when aggregated over the period as a whole. In the second half, the chance of settled and very warm periods increases."

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The Met Office also provided a forecast for the rest of the month up to August 25.

They said: "There is a tentative sign of more settled conditions developing with higher pressure becoming slightly more likely.

"This means drier conditions may become more prevalent, although there is still the risk of showers or thunderstorms at times.

"Temperatures likely to trend to above average, with an increasing chance of hotter spells developing as the month progresses."


So don't put the sunscreen and parasols away just yet, as Britain could be about to get a sweat on once more.