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13th Dec 2023

‘Me and my husband don’t sleep in the same bed for a good reason’

Joseph Loftus

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’

A woman has confessed that her and her husband don’t share the same bed but insists that their marriage is not in trouble.

Tiffany Chesson, who frequently posts parenting tips and tricks to TikTok, shared her sleeping arrangements in a video on the site.

In the video, she said: “I think a lot of people would be surprised to know how many couples don’t actually share a bed and that’s because there’s lots of stigma and shame around it.

“We have this idea that if you’re not sharing a bed there’s something wrong with your relationship but for me, it’s the exact opposite.”

Tiffany explained that her marriage is the healthiest it’s ever been and she actually attributes this to the fact her and her husband sleep in separate beds and separate rooms.

She then explained that her and her husband have different sleeping routines.

For instance, she wakes up for work at 4:45 in the morning whereas her husband snoozes his alarm and gets up much later. She enjoys cotton bedding whereas her husband likes it fluffy.

Tiffany added that these differences are a “perfect recipe for arguments” so sleeping in separate beds keeps their marriage healthy and strong.

She added that occasionally they have sleepovers and sleep in the same bed saying that “it’s like a little treat”.

She said: “Distance makes the heart grow stronger.”

Tiffany then revealed that most of her friends don’t share a bed with their parents “at least some nights of the week”.

She said: “I think people are just a bit afraid to share that side of their relationship.”

The comment section of Tiffany’s video was filled with divisive opinions. One said: “If you can’t sleep together, maybe you’re just not compatible”.

However, another said: “This has really convinced me to advocate for single bedrooms, sounds great to be honest. All the benefits of being single & having your own space, whilst married.”