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05th Aug 2022

Martin Lewis issues warning after 100,000 people refuse to pay their energy bills

Kieran Galpin

Still, the movement is gaining momentum

Martin Lewis has issued a fresh warning to the 100,000 people that have vowed not to pay their energy bills as part of a growing campaign sweeping the UK.

As the UK deals with crisis after crisis, with the Bank of England uttering the dreaded R word earlier this week, the Money-Saving Expert has spoken out once again.

Appearing on ITV’s Peston in late July, the 50-year-old financial expert said:  “The big growth that I’m seeing is an increasing number of people calling for a non-payment of energy bills process. Effectively a consumer strike on energy bills.

“Many people are spontaneously calling for that. We are getting close to a poll tax moment.”

Lewis said that the government need to get a “handle” on energy bills, as “once it starts becoming socially acceptable not to pay energy bills, people will stop paying energy bills, and you’re not going to cut everyone off.”

From October 1, those subscribing to the Don’t Pay campaign will refuse to pay their energy bills for the foreseeable future. The group has grown in numbers in recent weeks and is aiming for 1 million signups by October 1.

“We demand the govt scrap the energy price rises and deliver affordable energy for all,” their manifesto reads. “We will build a million pledges and by October 1 if the govt and energy companies fail to act we will cancel our direct debits.”

One person, who is presumably joining the movement, posted: “If enough of us join in, the system of chasing late payments, court appearances for arrears etc will clog the system to a ridiculous degree. Especially for those of us who have held off switching to smart meters.”

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