Marks and Spencer mocked for selling 'gentrified' chip shop scraps 3 months ago

Marks and Spencer mocked for selling 'gentrified' chip shop scraps

Next up, crisp packet dust by Waitrose

A few times a year, a particular supermarket or brand introduces a new product to the world, and find themselves widely mocked on social media as a result.

Marks and Spencer are the latest to fall foul of this after the release of their newest products: chip shop scraps.

The scraps themselves are little pieces of batter left over from their battered fish, and if they seem familiar, it's because you've probably got scraps from the chip shop before.

But whereas the chip shop gives customers the crispy scraps of chips and batter for free along with their fish supper, M&S are selling their 50 gram pots to customers for £1.05.

As one expects in this day and age, social media users quickly called out what they perceived as the "gentrification" of a traditionally low price meal, with journalist Tash Wynarczyk's tweet being liked more than 19,000 times.

The criticisms were numerous for the products, with some users pointing out that not only are scraps usually bits of chips left over, but that they are also free from the chip shop.