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30th Oct 2023

Man who won £40 million on lottery woke up at 4.30am to go back into work his next shift

George McKay


A real company man

It’s the dream of pretty much everyone in the country to win the lottery and pack in your job for that sweet millionaire lifestyle.

But for one man, he won the coveted cash prize, and woke up at 4.30am to head back to work the following work day.

Pierre Richer (ha!), won the $50m Lotto Max jackpot in Quebec on Friday October 6. Instead of sending in an email handing in his notice and riding off into the sunset, he clocked in for work the following Monday as though nothing was different.

Richer works at a catering company as a driver and head of shipping, so he has a pretty pivotal job to the company.

He told Loto-Québec: “I can’t leave them alone in the dark. Without me there, the shipping department is not feasible.”

Even more admirably, he also admitted the pay at his job is pretty lousy, so he’s not exactly gaining much by being there.

That said, he has also said he won’t be retiring any time soon, and is going to take a few weeks to process the win before he decides his next steps.

When he bought his winning ticket, Richer was actually just picking up some bits in a food shop with his daughter. In particular, he wanted to catch a discount offer on some pie crust for Thanksgiving.

He said: “With the pie crust being on sale at the Super C, my daughter went in to get it and I got the ticket.”

And despite the huge win, he remains remarkably blasé about the whole thing.

While his daughter and wife were over the moon, he described himself as ‘a little happy’.

He said his only desires in spending the money are to buy a new house and a new car, with his major goal to mow the lawn at his new home.

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