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29th Dec 2016

Actor tweets ordeal on flight next to nightmare passenger with no trousers on

There are nightmare passengers. Then there's this guy.

Mike Wright

Long haul flights are never a comfortable affair.

Hours spent in the same cramped seat with only a naff selection of movies and some airplane cuisine for amusement.

You are not starting from an optimum position comfort. So when the people around start to play up things really go down hill rapidly.

Small acts of inconsideration are magnified. The tiniest infraction of personal space can feel like an unbearable violation. If the person in front reclines their seat back, you take it as a personal affront. They shove their elbow onto the whole arm rest, you’re fuming. They take their shoes off, it’s practically a declaration of war.

Most of us have horror stories of inconsiderate passengers who gave zero fucks about those around them. But we doubt any will come close to this guy, who really has to be the market leader in the inflight nightmare stakes.

And one of the passengers who had the severe misfortune to be stuck next to him, comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani, chronicled the whole ordeal on Twitter for his 800,000 followers.

Things got off to a very bad start when the passenger seemingly decided to enjoy the majority of the flight sans trousers, a basic item of social protocol in most public situations.

We’ll let Kumail take it from here:

Nightmare passenger doesn’t even cover it.


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