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29th Jan 2021

Man transports entire bee colony by carrying the queen in his fist

Wayne Farry

bee colony

Absolutely no. Strong no to this one mate

Bees are incredibly important to the world in which we live. They pollinate all kinds of crops, from the food we eat to crops used in manufacturing like cotton and flax.

Over the years the number of bees on earth has been declining drastically, a situation exacerbated by climate change. In short, they are more vital, necessary and unfortunately precious than they ever have been.

Now, saying that, would I want to hold one in my hand? No.

Would I hold one in my hand so thousands of others then attach themselves to my arm? Absolutely not. But that’s what one man in the Dominican Republic did when transporting a bee colony recently.

Guy transports a bees colony by carrying the queen is his fist; the rest of the bees crowd around where their queen is.
byu/Idrialis innextfuckinglevel

In a video, posted on Reddit, the man can be seen sauntering through the street, seemingly without a care in the world.

Clearly perplexed by what he’s seeing, the man recording it all asks why the guy isn’t getting stung by the frankly insane number of bees attached to his body.

His response? “They know their owner”

“And do you have the queen on your hand? Because they are where their queen is,” the cameraman then asks.

“Yes. I have it in my fist,” the beekeeper, or the man we’re now calling the Bee Whisperer, confirms.

So, what’s happening here – it would seem – is that by carrying the queen bee in his fist, he attracts all the worker bees along with him. It’s ingenious and quite scary in equal measure. Fair play.